Beneficial microbes in compost is converted to a liquid state so that it can be applied with a sprayer.

Plant Health Care

We bring plant health care into the world of ecology and regenerative land stewardship with compost tea. We carefully craft our own compost on site with high quality materials and amendments. Brewing compost tea is the process of extracting and multiplying the beneficial microbes in compost and converting it to a liquid state so that it can be applied with a sprayer. It inoculates both the soil and plant surface where the microbiology provides a plethora of benefits:

  • Making nutrients bioavailable to plants
  • Stimulating root growth and lessening transplant shock
  • Fighting plant diseases
  • Improving water retention capacity and soil structure
  • Improving overall soil health

Applications: Soil injection, foliar spray, lawn spray

Looking to regenerative farming practices for guidance as we shift the landscaping paradigm, we are building a variety of compost piles inoculated with indigenous microorganisms to provide specific benefits to plants. Our ericaceous compost pile is inoculated with ericoid mycorrhizal fungi harvested from a complex, intact natural blueberry ecosystem. Some common ericaceous plants (from the family Ericacea) include blueberry, rhododendron, azalea, and bayberry. The presence of this mycorrhizal fungi in soil dramatically increases the health of plants in this family.