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We design our meadows to be ecologically diverse based on the underlying characteristics of the landscape, hydrology, and soil.


It takes about a month and a half. Meadow prep is done in either early spring or late summer. The high level of prep we provide is the one of the biggest factors in meadow success.
We begin by mowing the existing vegetation as low as possible and removing the organic matter, which can either be composted on site or hauled away for a cost. If erosion control is necessary for the site, it is installed at this point. Then we use a harley rake to expose the roots of the existing vegetation. This is followed by three applications of organic herbicide, two weeks apart each, so that each flush of regrowth is controlled.
The establishment process takes about five years, depending on site conditions, historic land use, and surrounding invasive species pressure.
During the first few years of establishment maintenance must be performed to eliminate invasive species. Our crew will come through new meadows on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to remove seed heads, cut back, or pull undesirable species. By year three to five, the meadow will be densely vegetated and non-desirable species will find it difficult to germinate. In year one, we will mow the meadow four times, to allow light to penetrate so that the slower growing late successional species can establish.